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Mike's Minute: The Greens are a basket case

Mike Hosking,
Publish Date
Fri, 17 May 2024, 11:16am

Mike's Minute: The Greens are a basket case

Mike Hosking,
Publish Date
Fri, 17 May 2024, 11:16am

Do you get the feeling the only moderately normal person in the Greens left the building a couple of weeks back, and he is sitting in his new corporate financing job feeling a new lease on life? 

Surely as he read, as I did, the tale of Darleen Tana on full whack doing virtually nothing and his good mate Tory "let me bugger Wellington up" Whanau, he must be feeling just a bit guilty about hanging out with such a bunch of no-hopers. 

This is not about politics. Politics is their wacky policies that bear no resemblance to the real world. Politics is about them not actually being a Green party, but more a collection of activists who want to control your life and thoughts. 

No, this is about who basically they are as people. There is something not right about them. 

For a comparatively small collection of people, too many of them are flaky and therefore in trouble and unfit to represent anyone at the highest level. 

Metiria Turei was you first major calamity and so it has slowly, but surely, unravelled. 

In the Tana case it is not just the questions around her behaviour and alleged treatment of people. It’s the approach the party's leadership has taken to getting to the bottom of it. 

This has dragged on for week after week after week. 

We have rung them a myriad of times. We got as close to them saying "any day now" before, after several days, they reverted to "a few more weeks". A few more weeks has turned into many, many weeks. 

What is the lawyer doing? How much is it costing? Have they found a treasure trove of skulduggery, because what else could take this long if there is nothing to see? 

All the while Tana sits on our money doing diddly squat. 

In the meantime, Tory Whanau has overseen the destruction of the city while breaking the rules having her dog in the office and while having a drinking problem that embarrassed her and shamed the council. Now she's not really that bothered with meetings on boards of assets that are worth quite a bit of money. 

They don’t care. They are not professional. They are not dedicated. They essentially take the piss and we pay for it. 

They are not normal. 

Explain to me, if you dare and if you support any of this, if you voted for this kind of ineptitude just what is it you see in them? 

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