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Mike's Minute: Spectacular U-turn shows an out of touch Government

Mike Hosking,
Publish Date
Thu, 1 Sep 2022, 9:56AM

Mike's Minute: Spectacular U-turn shows an out of touch Government

Mike Hosking,
Publish Date
Thu, 1 Sep 2022, 9:56AM

As far as U-turns go, this is a spectacular one.

On Tuesday, the Government announce GST on KiwiSaver fees, Wednesday afternoon they're gone, so less than 24 hours.

They were gone before they even arrived.

What it tells us, apart from the fact it's good news and we can take that money and actually save it, as opposed to giving it to the Government, is that the Labour Party has literally no idea what ordinary every day New Zealanders think.

And that’s mainly because virtually none of them are remotely like the rest of us.

That is the danger of a political party that is stacked with wonks who have spent so little time in the real world.

In their mind I am sure they were smoothing out some tax treatment for different providers, while at the same time grabbing billions more in income they so desperately need.

So you have the two branches of the party.

One is the David Parker wonky part that argues around tax and revenue and treatment.

The other is the Machiavellian part led by the Ardern's and Robertson's who see easy cash.

What they clearly never anticipated, and this is the part that has undone them in so many ways, is the politics of it, the pub test part. The big question; what will New Zealanders thinks?

Will New Zealanders see this as a tax grab? Will New Zealanders see this as yet another broken promise? Will New Zealanders put another nail in the Labour Party credibility coffin, given it shows yet again how non-transparent, how dishonest and not open they really are.

Yes, yes, yes and yes a hundred times over, was the answer.

You ask us to save, you already tax us a fortune.

You up the tax on petrol, you change the rules around investment property and then you invent taxes on fees for our retirement.

What part of that wasn’t going to get the reaction that rained down on them yesterday?

How is it you can be so blind not to see that coming?

In the same week old wonky Parker is still defending the cost of living payment cock up, he's tossed in a new tax for good measure.

As I asked in my Herald column this time last week, name me one thing that is going right for this Government?

It’s a new low.

Not only can't they deliver policy, they can't even deliver an announcement.

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