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Mike's Minute: Scott Morrison wins again

Mike Hosking, Newstalk ZB,
Publish Date
Wed, 17 Feb 2021, 11:16am

Mike's Minute: Scott Morrison wins again

Mike Hosking, Newstalk ZB,
Publish Date
Wed, 17 Feb 2021, 11:16am

Yet another example yesterday as to why Scott Morrison is the sort of leader you want and Jacinda Ardern isn't.

We'll be getting the woman detained on terror issues and her two kids back here. Because although both countries knew of her, had talked about her, and had worked on what to do about her for several years, it was us, yet again, asleep at the wheel.

This is the Shamima Begum case out of Britain all over again. They renounced her citizenship, that left Bangladesh with the problem given she had dual citizenship.

In our case, Suhayra Aden had dual citizenship. But Morrison, applying I assume the same logic he applies to all the thugs, crooks, and bikies, he deports. He puts weight on the birth country.

Aden was born here. The fact she left here at six, had dual citizenship and travelled on an Australian passport matters not to Morrison. And to be blunt, why would it?

He sums it up simply and honestly, Australia is not interested in people that pose risk. If he can palm it off to someone else, like us, what does he care?

Given this case wasn’t new, given it had been in play for years, Ardern should have been awake and alert to the possibility that Morrison would do exactly what he's done.

Stripping citizenship is not a surprise, not even close. It's politics, and smart politics at that.

That is what separates Morrison out from Ardern. He has his country's best interests at heart. He is a winner, he's ambitious, and he gets stuff done.

Ardern does what Ardern does best, huffs and puffs and puts on her best stern face to try and cover the fact that, yet again, she got played. Then she goes on to wax lyrical about the kids, how the kids are important, and how the kids come first.

The cold, hard truth is we were snookered. We are now stuck with a mum and two children that pose, god knows, what threat to the country.

Britain played the card in the Begum case, Australia played it in this case.

The sign of a good politician is effectiveness and outcome, not hot air.

Australia one, New Zealand, well you know the score.

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