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Mike's Minute: Our Covid Inquiry has to look at more

Mike Hosking,
Publish Date
Wed, 7 Feb 2024, 9:41AM

Mike's Minute: Our Covid Inquiry has to look at more

Mike Hosking,
Publish Date
Wed, 7 Feb 2024, 9:41AM

God bless Brooke van Velden. 

As part of the coalition agreement, the Government are looking to expand the terms of the Covid Inquiry. 


Because not all the questions that need asking, were going to be. Ask yourself why that might be. 

It's an age-old Government trick. If you set up an inquiry you can deflect questions about your performance by saying "let's see what the inquiry says", or "that's up to the inquiry to look into". 

But it also allows you to control the narrative, set the terms of reference any way you want and say "oh, the inquiry didn't look into that". 

The damage done to people's lives and the ongoing economic effect is to be seen all around us every single day, years on, because of how Covid was handled in this country. And the inquiry is going nowhere near where it needs to go. 

Headed by van Velden, that is about to change. 

They want our input into what needs to be done and inquired into. Well, may I suggest a seat, a stand and an inquisitorial approach of a few key players. 

All you had to do was look at Scotland last week and Nicola Sturgeon, a Jacinda Ardern-like control freak who used the pandemic as a political tool, stoked by fear, to control people's lives in a ruinous way. 

Similar scenes have been seen in Britain with Boris Johnson. In Scotland's case there were deleted messages, burner phones and lies. 

Would a good series of penetrating questions reveal something similar here? We will never know unless we probe. 

Probe the front of the line for the vaccine that wasn't. 

Probe the PPE gear that was everywhere, except it wasn't. 

Probe the fury of the medical profession over the messages from the pulpit of truth that were simply not true. 

Probe the exclamation, and who can forget it, that the truth lay in the Beehive theatrette and nowhere else. 

Surely these are the areas we want a few questions around. Why are these things not being inquired into already? 

Answer; because the Government of the day knows it would get super awkward, super fast. 

More reason to do it then, eh? 

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