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Mike's Minute: Macca's - Why all the whinging Wanaka?

Mike Hosking,
Publish Date
Fri, 1 Dec 2023, 9:40AM

Mike's Minute: Macca's - Why all the whinging Wanaka?

Mike Hosking,
Publish Date
Fri, 1 Dec 2023, 9:40AM

What's the bet that once people stop moaning about McDonalds in Wanaka, it goes off?

There is a wonderful disconnect between theory and reality in this country, especially around things like food.

The reason we are one of the fattest countries on Earth is because too many people each too much crap. The fast food industry has a lot to answer for in that area. But then so do we.

The reason McDonalds is big is because we like it and eat a lot of it.

Wanaka is a lovely place. But this idea with the petition that it is somehow so different to the rest of the country and can't possibly be tainted is condescending nonsense.

Now, I'm not in the Macca's camp, I don’t eat McDonalds and can't remember the last time I did.

But here is what I know.

McDonalds, as they are structured in this country, are owned by individuals. They are owned by families, mainly local families in local areas. My bet is the Wanaka McDonalds will most likely be owned by a local. They may well already own a McDonalds and be looking to expand.

One of the things McDonalds does is employ people, and a lot of them. Like many hospitality outlets, getting good people has been, and is, hard work.

So by the time the place is built and the ovens are turned on and the locals are employed my guess is that, given it’s a drive-through apart from anything else, it will be well frequented and be a successful local business contributing to the local economy.

I think if you look around Wanaka you will also find other fast food outlets.

But McDonalds, for whatever reason, seems to be the poster child for negative fast food protest.

There is a lot of burger and deep fry action going on, but Macca's is the bad guy? Your local fish and chip shop is fantastic because Bob runs it and Bob is a cool guy and his kids go to the local school and Bob is one of us.

Somehow the chips at the fish and chip shops are OK but the McDonalds one's aren't?

It makes no sense, of course.

So, let's see how quickly this goes from being a story driven by superficiality and snobbery into one of another local business melding in to be part of the community.

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