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Mike's Minute: Is this the time of year to be miserable?

Mike Hosking,
Publish Date
Fri, 31 May 2024, 10:27am

Mike's Minute: Is this the time of year to be miserable?

Mike Hosking,
Publish Date
Fri, 31 May 2024, 10:27am

It seems to have been a miserable week. 

We all seem miserable this week. 

The boss, who I complained to this week about a bunch of stuff, gaslit me by telling me it’s the time of year everyone gets a bit edgy. 

Smith & Caughey's told us they were done. That was profound that a multi-generational company that has survived wars can't survive downtown Auckland in 2024. 

Flybuys announced yesterday they are leaving the country. They join the tens of thousands of Kiwis that have already left the country. We have broken immigration records for leaving the country. 

A survey suggested 90% of us would look to leave our job if the work from home rules got changed. 

Let's be honest, working from home is about slackness. It's about taking the piss and skiving off. Or would the boss tell me that’s the time of year talking? 

There was a survey out of the U.S saying workers are less satisfied with their jobs this year in virtually every single area of it. It's gone up for ten years in a row but this year it's down. 

The Budget didn’t help. Although the Government are working hard, a lot of this country is broken. It is profoundly broken. 

- Teachers who never passed exams are teaching kids, who fail their own 

- Students are on rent strike 

- There are protests on motorways and Parliament proceedings are being hijacked 

-The bloke from the NZ Herald who took 1 hour 50 mins to drive 500m because everyone panicked, because as a country we obsess about weather and the MetService has taken to telling us how to live and when to leave the house and when to take shelter. Small tip - you take shelter in a tornado, not when it rains and a southerly comes in and everyone panics. 

The census told us of the thousands who have left the centre of Auckland. The census also told us how the census, yet again, wasn’t done properly because the computer was stuffed. 

A lot of medical people went on strike, yet again. Rugby had a massive scrap that has left a lot of people fuming and the sport no better off. 

Auckland Council put forward the two options for a national stadium. Why? We aren't building either. 

More people got laid off. Consultants did OK though as Government departments hired them to help lay people off. 

Adrian Orr made it harder to buy a house with his debt-to-income ratios. 

Katie said to me "how's it feel living in changing times?" She's convinced this is a moment in history. She also wants to move. 

But it might just be the time of year. 

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