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Mike's Minute: Change Is Coming

Newstalk ZB,
Publish Date
Mon, 27 Nov 2023, 1:14PM

Mike's Minute: Change Is Coming

Newstalk ZB,
Publish Date
Mon, 27 Nov 2023, 1:14PM

Let's just start the week with a “for the record”. 

For the record the Deputy Prime Minister job got split. 

To all those who owe me money, I take all currencies and Graham Street, Auckland is the address. 

As regards the announcement, what an uplifting experience. 

Didn’t Chris Luxon look like a real Prime Minister? He was straight to the point, a list of ideas, plans and action, clearly a deal well-thought through and a tangible display that what had been said throughout the negotiations was true. 

There is way more that brings them together than keeps them apart, which only then reminded me what a charlatan Winston Peters is. 

His going with Labour in 2017 was all about hating on National. Peters is a conservative, always has been, but sadly he's a conservative who carries a grudge. 

The great hope this time around is he finally gets it. This is his last rodeo, as he would say, and if he's interested in his party's future and any sort of legacy he will knuckle down and look like a professional. 

David Seymour as Minister of Regulation is a stroke of genius. If you don’t think change is coming, you're not breathing. 

We'll talk about the portfolios later but they too, in many respects, show just how much experience and expertise these three parties have in various aspects of economic and political life. 

Overall, the presentation of the deal, the words spoken, and the inferences and promises made gave you an unmistakable impression that Luxon is a professional. 

He has been shockingly underestimated by most of the media. And if you thought Luxon was serious in intent, Seymour was serious to a new level with a lengthy dissertation as to just how much was going to get upended. 

Which left of course Peters who, true to form, had little specific to say, indicating he really only got re-elected on the slimmest of manifestos and a lot of reliance on the bewildered and angry voter. 

Starting a fight with the media, unfortunately, made him look like the weak link and the clown of the trio. 

When he was the last Foreign Minister he actually got kudos and the racing industry loved him. So, more of that and less of the idiocy. 

That’s where Luxon will serve us all well. Good leaders are top-down expectation setters, and the expectations are high. 

We are on our way. Change is coming. The country is a mess. The job is a big one. 



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