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Mike Hosking: Why David Cameron will only be remembered for one thing

Mike Hosking,
Publish Date
Monday, 16 September 2019, 3:05PM
Britain's former Prime Minister David Cameron has spoken out three years after his resignation. (Photo / Getty)

It’s a strange old thing life.

David Cameron is all the news over the weekend in Britain. His long awaited memoir is almost out and he’s doing the obligatory round of interviews . He’s been paid a fortune for the book,

He’s a political failure, he created Brexit and its ensuing mess and yet pockets a fortune because publishers have worked out we all want to know what he thinks of the mess he’s made.

There right of course, and he isn’t disappointing so far. He’s laid into Boris and Michael Gove and I doubt he’ll stop there.

The tragedy of Brexit was he didn’t even want to call it. It was brought to bear because immigration was out of control and Cameron never seemed to understand the importance of that to the British people

Because they were part of this 28 strong club people simply wandered into the most successful of the countries of which of course Britain is one.

Net migration was going up by hundreds of thousands a year. Under immense pressure he promised a vote, his plan was to have the Liberal Democrats block it. Remembering the Libs are remain - ironically Cameron was remain as well - so such is the cynical nature of the game.

He pretended democracy was heading your average Brits way knowing or at least hoping the Libs would prevent it ever happening and he could with his best straight face say - well at least i tried.

Sadly none of that happened and not only did they have the vote, but we all know what eventuated.

It was at that point Cameron’s days were over. He quit and wandered off depressed. There’s a wonderful  photo taken a couple of days after his demise of him sitting on a rock wall by the sea eating fish and chips looking forlorn and two ladies sitting next to him with no idea who he is.

It summed up his predicament perfectly.

He argues now for a second vote, which makes him of course as bad as the rest of them and gives a good insight into why the Tories have so badly torn themselves apart. They simply never had the peoples best interests at heart, they never respected their right to have a view contrary to the parties.

And what everyone fails to seem to understand is that in calling for a second vote they do so presumably thinking it’ll be a no and therefore the whole issue will go away. They misread the people three years later as badly as they did in 2016.

I would bet not only would Britain vote to leave again but by a wider margin and if they did, then what? What’s been achieved and what changes?

There is more to Cameron of course than Brexit, hence the book, and until Brexit it must be remembered he was on course to be one of Britain’s most successful  ever leaders. He revolutionised the Tories and represented a new modern vibrant Britain. That’s the part of the book that’s really worth reading.

But the headlines wont feature any of that, because no matter what else he did, he is the one that got Britain stuck in the hole its currently in.

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