Mike Hosking: Provincial Growth Fund under real pressure

Mike Hosking,
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Friday, 8 February 2019, 11:44AM
Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones said he accepted that some of the PGF projects would take a while to fully establish.

Every Friday morning, Mike Hosking takes you through the big-ticket items of the week and lets you know what he makes of it all. 

Here's a taste of what he reckons.

The Provincial Growth Fund. 


"The Provincial Growth Fund, like Kiwibuild, is now under real pressure. 

A lot of announcements, not a lot actually paid out. 

And what has been coughed up for jobs looks inefficient. $800,000 per job is not going to get you votes." 

Waitangi Day - Our National Day. 


"Because for most of us it’s a day in the sun, away from the angst up north. 

If only we could ignore that angst and do ourselves a service, it could be amazing." 

The Shchetkova Petition.


"David Seymour spied a nice little opportunity with this, and thousands have climbed on board. 

And that's driven, I suspect, by the inherent trait most of us have, and that is a fair suck of the sav." 

Jobless Numbers.


"Still good by anyone's standards. But up, and up more than they thought. 

One economist said this week this is as good as it gets, I think they're right." 

Retirement Money. 


"Whether it's $5 million or $2 million, as the so called experts suggest, doesn’t matter given if you bandy about numbers like that you lose everyone before they start. 

And it's proof positive it's crap given how many people don't have that, but are retired." 

Forsyth Barr Stadium. 


"Build it and they will come. The stadium had its best year ever in 2018. 

Twice the population of Dunedin went, think we can say all those who protested against it were wrong." 

Liam Neeson. 


"He won't be doing that again, and it doesn’t endorse the behaviour, but it's a classic example of how you can't breathe these days without the on cue hysteria around virtually everything. 

By the time he'd been misquoted, and the full explanations has been edited to pieces, you'd have thought he'd threatened to blow the world up."   


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