Mike Hosking: Leadership is doing, not talking

Newstalk ZB,
Publish Date
Mon, 6 Sep 2021, 10:19am
(Photo / NZ Herald)
(Photo / NZ Herald)

Mike Hosking: Leadership is doing, not talking

Newstalk ZB,
Publish Date
Mon, 6 Sep 2021, 10:19am

So, let's try again, shall we? 

Where are the vaccines?

Two weeks now they started talking about the extra vaccines. 

Why? Because they were panicking. 

They're panicking because next to no prep had been done for the inevitable.

Vaccines were the way out; we all knew that. 

We also knew that we didn't have enough at the time, we needed them to solve our own problem.

That problem being Delta. 

As they've told us a million times is a game-changer, but yet knowing that they did literally nothing about fixing the problem of a month long Level 4 lockdown, and the ensuing damage of the weeks of Level 3 and 2. 

Billions in carnage, and yet totally avoidable.

So, the announcement of the announcement was made but as yet, no actual announcement. 

Once again, we ask why not? 

Last week we apparently were were hopeful and we were waiting to "ink the deal." So where is it?

Under normal circumstances the government could spin the usual flannel about it being sensitive, close, complex, or tricky. 

Pick a few more superfluous words and we would have little choice but to believe them.

But the difference this time is Scott Morrison. 

He is a proper leader. 

As we've mentioned numerous times, he cocked up his vaccine rollout just like we did. 

He was driven basically by the same arrogance and complacency. 

But, critical difference, when he woke up to that, he said sorry, unlike us.

And he set about solving the problem.

In the ensuing period their vaccination rate gone through the roof. 

1 million jabs in 9 days in New South Wales alone. 

Morrison also got a million Pfizer out of Poland, half a million Pfizer out of Singapore, and as of Friday four million Pfizer out of Britain.

Five and a half million doses. 

Two million 750 thousand Australians fully vaccinated simply by being a leader. 

Meantime we have got nothing.

So some simple questions, why is it so complex for us and not for him?

Why does it take us an age and it doesn’t for him? 

Why are the negotiations so detailed, complex, secret, but the result is zero? 

Meanwhile Australia wipes the floor with us.

Leadership is about doing not talking. 

There are almost three million Australians directly benefiting from the doing and not a single New Zealander benefiting from the talking.

Why not?