The Chase star Shaun Wallace takes on Mike Hosking in Kiwi quiz challenge

Newstalk ZB,
Publish Date
Thu, 14 Feb 2019, 11:15AM

The Chase star Shaun Wallace takes on Mike Hosking in Kiwi quiz challenge

Newstalk ZB,
Publish Date
Thu, 14 Feb 2019, 11:15AM

It was just another day at the office for chaser Shaun Wallace, aka "The Dark Destroyer", who narrowly beat Mike Hosking in a Chase-style quiz this morning on Newstalk ZB.

The pair went head-to-head in two 60-second rounds.

The first round, which focused on New Zealand-based questions, saw the pair tie with an impressive score of seven points each.

Hosking made a strong start but was tripped up by a Kiwi classic, "what is the main ingredient in an Anzac biscuit?", as well as failing to name the year the Treaty of Waitangi was signed.

After faltering, things went from bad to worse for the talkback host, who also incorrectly answered three other questions.

However, the Dark Destroyer also got off to a rocky start, before finding his stride and matching Hosking's score - not bad work for a British-based quiz champion and barrister.

The second round of questions, heavily loaded towards cars, vacuums and wine - three of Mike Hosking's specialities, was more of a struggle for the Newstalk ZB host, who managed to answer only five questions correctly.

But in good news for Hosking, Wallace also struggled and was bested by two questions about British vacuum cleaner company Dyson.

However, he still managed to beat Hosking by a single point, answering the winning question in his last few seconds and bringing the final score to 13 to 12.

Watch the full interview below. 


Chase one - Mike

Q: what is the Māori word for New Zealand?

Hosking: Aotearoa. 

A: Correct.


Q: Which Prime Minister brought in New Zealand's nuclear-free policy?

Hosking: David Lange

A: Correct.


Q: Where would you find Cathedral Square?

Hosking: Christchurch.

A: Correct.


Q: What is the main ingredient in an Anzac biscuit?

Hosking: flour?

A: Rolled oats.


Q: what New Zealand town is known as the adventure capital of the world?

Hosking: Queenstown.

A: Correct


Q: When was the Treaty of Waitangi signed?

Hosking: 1840? 1860?

A: 1841


Q: What is the name of New Zealand's international rugby team?

Hosking: All Blacks.

A: Correct.


Q: When did New Zealand give women the right to vote?

Hosking: Don't know.

A: 1893


Q: How many stars on the New Zealand flag?

Hosking: Five?

A: Four


Q: What's the name of the sea between Australia and New Zealand?

Hosking: Tasman.

A: Correct.


Q: Who is the current Prime Minister of New Zealand?

Hosking: Jacinda Ardern.

A: Correct.

Round one: 7 points


Chase one – Shaun Wallace

Q: Who played the iconic Kiwi character, Fred Dagg?

Wallace: Pass

A: John Clarke.


Q: What were kiwifruit originally called?

Wallace: Chinese gooseberry.

A: Correct.


Q: What tree is known as New Zealand's Christmas tree?

Wallace: I can't remember. I was told yesterday but I can't remember.

A: Pohutukawa.


Q: Where is Baldwin Street, the world's steepest street?

Wallace: Wellington

A: Dunedin. 


Q: Who was the New Zealander famous for being the first person to climb 

Mount Everest?

Wallace: Hillary. 

A: Correct - Sir Edmund Hillary 


Q:  Which Kiwi singer had a hit with their song "Royals?"

Wallace: Lorde. 

A: Correct


Q: Which Prime Minister suddenly resigned from the job late in 2016?

Wallace: Bill English

A: Sir John Key.


Q: What is the longest river in New Zealand?

Wallace: Waikato.

A: Correct.


Q:  Who was the lead singer of Kiwi band, Crowded House?

Wallace: Neil Finn

A: Correct 


Q: What is the name of New Zealand's national football team?

Wallace: Whites, something whites?

A: Correct - The All Whites


Q: The 1931 event in Napier was what type of disaster?

Wallace: Earthquake

A: Correct.

Round one: 7 points

Chase two – Mike

Q: What year was Porsche founded?

Hosking: Don’t know. 

A: 1931


Q: vacuum maker Dyson recently announced it was moving to where?

Hosking: Singapore

A: Correct.


Q: What was Honda's first production car?

Hosking: Civic?

A: S500 sports car


Q: In what year was the vacuum cleaner invented? 

Hosking: Oh for god’s sake…1936?

A: 1901 


Q: In what year did Porsche launch its signature 911? 

Hosking: 1950 something

A: 1963 


Q: In 1998, Lamborgini was sold to which car company? 

Hosking: Volkswagen 

A: Correct.


Q: What is the fear of wine called? 

Hosking: Boredom? 

A: Oenophobia  


Q:  Mclaren Motors is named after which motorsport legend? 

Hosking: Bruce Mclaren 

A: Correct. 


Q: What type of wine is the most expensive ever sold at auction? 

Hosking: it will be a Burgundy or a Merlot? 

A: A French Burgundy – sold for us$558,000 


Q: What is the most common grape variety grown for wine? 

Hosking: Cabernet Sauvignon

A: Correct. 

Round two: 5 points 

Chase two - Shaun Wallace

Q: What territory drinks the most wine per capita? 

Wallace: Italy, Tuscany? 

A: Vatican City – 74 litres per person per year 


Q: What wine is New Zealand most famous for? 

Wallace: Nope, don’t know that one. 

A: Sauvignon Blanc


Q: James Bond is known for driving which British sports car? 

Wallace: Aston Martin 

A: Correct. 


Q: In what year did Lewis Hamilton win his first f1 title? 

Wallace: 2008 

A: Correct


Q: What is the common nickname for vacuums in the United States? 

Wallace: Nope

A: Hoovers 


Q: Which company first came up with the bagless vacuum? 

Wallace: Dyson 

A: Correct


Q: In what year was James Dyson knighted?  

Wallace: 1999

A: 2006 


Q: How many times did James Dyson fail until he got a working bagless vacuum? 

Wallace: 36

A: 5126 times 


Q: Mouton Rothschild is a wine producer from which French area? 

Wallace: Bordeaux 

A: Correct


Q: What animal is featured on Ferrari’s logo? 

Wallace: Horse 

A: Correct


Q: What is the world’s oldest endurance car race? 

Wallace: The Le Man

Q: Correct. 

Round two: 6 points. 


Total points:

Shaun Wallace: 13

Mike Hosking: 12