Taupo mayor reiterates importance of road safety after multiple fatality crash

Newstalk ZB,
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Monday, 29 April 2019, 8:54AM
The scene of a crash where eight people were killed this morning in Taupo. Photo / Ben Fraser.

Taupo mayor says he has "had a guts full" of talking about road safety following a multiple fatality crash on an infamous stretch of road.

The two-vehicle crash on State Highway one near Taupo left eight people dead and a nine-year-old boy in a stable condition in hospital.

Earlier in the month, five people were killed less than 10 minutes down the road.

Taupo mayor, David Trewavas, told Mike Hosking he is sick of repeating the same message.

"What do you do? What do you say? What can you do? Another sad day in Taupo, it was only three weeks ago, we were talking about the same thing, five fatalities within 10 kilometres of this."

However, Trewavas didn't seem to think the road was the problem.

"I travel that road every week, a couple of times a week. You come across the mighty Waikato, you come across a pretty new bridge and come up a double passing lane then around an easy corner."

"I'm not a traffic engineer or absolute expert in this area, so that will be checked out. But my observation in travelling that road...it's a busy carriageway but [there's] no doubt more passing lanes would come in handy. The more passing lanes you have it's a lot easier, slower drivers pull over."

He did mention that the weather has been humid in Taupo, which may have made the roads "a bit slick".

Trewavas reiterated the importance of driving safely and slowing down.

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