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New NZTA chair denies political agenda behind speed limit changes

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Thursday, 13 June 2019, 11:29AM
Sir Brian Roche is taking over as NZTA's chair. (Photo / NZ Herald)

The chair of City Rail Link has been named as the new chair of the New Zealand Transport Agency.

Sir Brian Roche has been appointed to the top job for a three year term.

He comes in at a time where the agency is under fire for regulatory issues, particularly around warrants of fitness.

Roche told Mike Hosking he's going to be focusing on re-positioning and stabilising the agency.

Roche concedes NZTA has lost its way on some things.

"I don't think anything is systemic. i think there's plenty of evidence you get a few good people changed at the top with the right tone and culture, and people will follow."

His tenure begins at a time when NZTA is facing backlash over proposed changes to modify speed limits.

An NZTA tool looking at appropriate speed limits has found 87 percent of our roads aren't capable of handling 100 kilometres an hour.

Rocheit's no great secret there are some roads in New Zealand where the speed limit needs to be modified, but denies there is anything political about the changes.

"There's no idea, as I understand it, of a wholesale change. The idea of targeted speed limits on pieces of road has been around for decades."

Roche has previously served as NZ Post's chief executive.

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