Police Minister speaks out over fatal Christchurch crash

Newstalk ZB,
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Wednesday, 16 January 2019, 11:36AM
Photo / NZ Herald

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The fatal crash in Christchurch which claimed the lives of three people following a police pursuit was the third in Christchurch in less than two months.

Police minister Stuart Nash told Tim Dower he strongly backs the action taken by police, and says they are not to blame.

"As minister of the police, I don't think we should put any blame on them. You had three young people running red lights and  driving at 130km an hour through central Christchurch, it is a miracle innocent people were not killed."

When asked if police chases should be stopped after criticism following several crashes in the wake of them, Nash was firm in his belief that drivers must take responsibility, and the police are certainly not in the wrong.

"If we say that police cannot pursue these people, they will know they can get away with blue murder. Young people have to understand when the siren goes, you must pull over."

National MP Mark Mitchell told Tim Dower he completely agreed with the police minister, and says they deserve the  respect for trying to keep the public safe from disasters like the one in Christchurch.

"This was an inspirational decision by the police. It is a very sensitive issue but they make good decisions every day. There is no doubt this is a devastating tragedy, but it comes back to personal responsibility at the end of the day.

Most Kiwis are good, law abiding citizens. Those that want to flout the rules, they have to expect consequence."


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