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Police Minister: 'Gun owners starting to do the right thing'

Newstalk ZB,
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Wednesday, 7 August 2019, 1:06PM

The Police Minister believes the tide is starting to shift on the Government's gun buyback scheme.

Only about 9000 guns have been handed back so far.

That's only a fraction of the estimated 1.5 million guns in circulation.

Stuart Nash told Mike Hosking while people were initially reluctant to hand back their guns, attitudes are starting to change.

Nash says owners he's spoken to are coming around the idea of a buyback, and the need for reform.

“Men and women are handing in their guns saying, I think the price we are getting is fair. People are now starting to do the right thing.”

But National justice spokesman Mark Mitchell says most gun owners are not happy with the process.

“Mr Nash is talking to people who are willingly coming forward. There are a lot more people who aren’t coming forward and are not happy with how this is being played out.”

ON AIR: Kerre McIvor Mornings

9AM - 12PM