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Meghan Markle to spend Christmas with Kate Middleton amid rumours of royal rift

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Friday, 7 December 2018, 9:39AM
Rumours of a royal rift between the couples intensify. Photo / Getty Images

There is more drama for the royal family with Piers Morgan weighing in on the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle's rift with Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge.

Reports say the pair are far from friendly with Kate being reduced to tears after a fitting for her daughter Princess Charlotte's bridesmaids dress.

They claim Meghan insisted on the "very best" for her wedding which led to the "stressful" fitting — and Kate, who had just given birth, was left shaken and in tears.

There have also been claims that Prince William didn't exactly give brother Harry his blessing to marry Meghan Markle and even raised his doubts with his grandmother, the Queen. 

Royal commentator, Phil Dampier, told Mike Hosking hopefully it's just a bit of a "blip".

"Last Christmas there was the lovely photograph for William, Harry, Meghan and Kate walking together to the church and we dubbed them the Fab Four."

"Then, of course, Meghan got married and we all thought great, what a wonderful addition to the royal family."

"All these rumours started a few weeks ago when it was announced that Harry and Meghan are actually going to be moving to Windsor to live. We had all expected them to move into a flat at Kensington Palace next door to where Kate and William live." 

"So that started the ball running and then there have been reports that hey had a massive row before the wedding over the page boys and bridesmaids."

"Now I think there may be some truth to this but when you think about it, most brides do get a bit tense before their wedding so it's not exactly surprising that she might have overreacted and upset Kate."

Dampier said the news this week that they will be spending Christmas together is helping settle everything down.

"There was some talk that William and Kate might have spent Christmas with Kate's mum. I think that really would have put an iron on the flames that because it would have indicated that they wanted to keep a safe difference from Harry and Meghan."

"But they are all going to be with the Queen and hopefully this is a blip thy an iron out."

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