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Peter FitzSimons: Israel Folau deserved to be fired

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Tuesday, 21 May 2019, 10:57AM
Israel Folau has been dropped by Rugby Australia. (Photo / Getty)

Israel Folau has been officially fired by Rugby Australia, but that does not mean the saga is over. 

The controversial rugby player's contract was torn up yesterday over controversial social media posts he made that were viewed as homophobic. 

Folau did not meet the 72 hour deadline to appeal through RA, but said yesterday that was because he didn't think he would get a fair trial from them.

However, Folau has said that he wants to keep playing rugby which means this will most likely go to the Australian Supreme Court.

Former Wallaby and columnist Peter FitzSimons told Mike Hosking that it feels like this saga has already gone on for a year.

"People are talking about it, and they are very, very passionate about it." 

Despite the damning headlines, FitzSimons says that Folau had to be fired. He says that no organisation in Australia would have got away with letting Folau get away with comments like this. 

"A homophobic slur is still a homophobic slur even if its religiously based." 

If this does go to the Supreme Court and Folau wins, FitzSimons says that it would allow people to use the Bible and religious freedom to justify horrible thoughts. 

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