No more 'Mr Nice Guy' for Joseph Parker: 'I'm ready for this fight'

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Friday, 14 December 2018, 10:33AM
Joseph Parker says he's ready for his fight tomorrow night.

No more "Mr Nice Guy" for Joseph Parker.

The boxer says he's had enough of holding back and is ready for his fight tomorrow night against Alexander Flores.

He told Mike Hosking he is in great shape and ready to "finish the year with a bang".

"I'm always in great shape after a training camp and when I'm preparing for a fight so I've had eight weeks of hard training. I'm ready physically, mentally and I'm looking forward to performing well."

Parker said his training has been gruelling but has put him in a great place ahead of his fight.

"The camp was hard. We had eight weeks of training in Vegas, three times a day, six days a week and the camp consisted of three strength and conditioning sessions a week and a lot of sparring."

"I think at the end of the camp we had done 116 rounds of sparring. A lot of power work..and practising along with skills."

He said this fight will be different for him because he has a game plan.

"It's definitely easier to have a plan and when you have a plan in place you're trying to execute it as best as you can but it's quite hard when you have someone in front of you trying to punch you in the face."

His loss to Dillian Whyte still makes him cringe every time he watches it, Parker said.

"After watching that fight...I cringe...I know I could have done more and I should have done more but I think it is learning and going into this fight and my future there's no more holding back."

"There's no more being Mr Nice Guy, there's no more respect in the ring. I want to fight clean but if I have to get down and dirty, I will."


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