Mark the Week: President Trump got exactly what he wanted

Newstalk ZB,
Publish Date
Fri, 19 Jul 2019, 2:26PM

Mark the Week: President Trump got exactly what he wanted

Newstalk ZB,
Publish Date
Fri, 19 Jul 2019, 2:26PM

Every Friday morning, Mike Hosking takes you through the big ticket items of the week and lets you know what he makes of it all. 

Here's a taste of what he reckons.

The buy back: 3

I am worried this isn't working. Yes, it' s early days. And yes, most of us want the right thing to be done. But the numbers so far aren't encouraging, and the numbers so far are driven by the enthusiastic who line up early and are keen to comply. That doesn’t seem like a long line.

The Cricket: 10 

It doesn’t get ... and hasn’t been any better than that. No, we didn’t get the title, but between the goodwill and the sportsmanship i don’t think we can be regarded as losers.

The car fee-bate scheme: 2 

Fiscally neutral my arse. And paying people to drive dangerous cars just because they have small engines is another example of how this government couldn't join a dot with another one if its life depended on it. And that’s before you get to the simple truth: you're just piling more cost on NZ businesses who drive utes and SUVs.

Uni of Auckland Climate Change work: 8 

The islands actually grow. They get bigger and higher as the sea rises. Call off the emergency, and if you have declared one do you feel silly now.

Bloomberg: 4 

Yet another off-shore agency that doesn’t get the local nuances of our housing market. How 'bout we put the next alarmist claim in the bin, instead of the front page?

Trump: 7

Because he got exactly what he wanted. Noise, outrage, a base that’s fully fired up and a democratic party's extremist wing exposed.

Baldwin street: 6 

Still a better looking street, don’t you think? The Welsh one doesn’t even look like a street. I'd rather be 2nd and good looking, as opposed to first and a goat track. 

Michael Wood: 2

Michael's Minute...where did you get that idea from? And are you prepared to say so in court with your hand on the bible?

Amal Clooney: 3

Gave Assange the idea to skip Britain by getting a diplomatic post. This is the bloke we now know was running operations from the Embassy with Russia. Still think he's a hero for freedom? Or what we've been calling him for years: a plain, old-fashioned crook.

The Business Advisory Council: 7

Stated the obvious, but given they're in a position of having the Prime Minister's ear, at least they're pushing what we all know is true: we need more roads and now. 

The All Blacks: 7 

The best in the world, in a year when the best in the world will be crowned. Part 1 starts this weekend.

The Basin idea: 1 

In its own small way, it encapsulates just how mad the world has become where any half-baked, PC,-driven, virtue-signalling piece of crap can be seriously floated as a good idea

And that is the week. You can print this off and practice reading it from the heart, so Anne Tolley doesn’t make you cry.

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