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Britain's High Commissioner to NZ optimistic for smooth Brexit deal

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Thursday, 17 January 2019, 10:37a.m.
British Prime Minister Theresa May. Photo / Getty Images

The British High Commissioner to New Zealand is optimistic our relationship with each other will remain unchanged, despite the uncertainty of Brexit.

British Prime Minister Theresa May's government has survived a no-confidence vote called after May's Brexit deal was overwhelmingly rejected by lawmakers.

Laura Clarke told Tim Dower that despite concerns from the international community and the constant negative coverage of the process, it wasn't all bad news and there are plans in place to ensure a deal which works for everyone.

"Theresa May is going to reach out across parliament to try and receive support. The government is fully committed for a smooth and orderly Brexit. We must have control of our borders and our money. Having control over our trade policy is what is important."

Asked what the implications would be if Britain left without a Brexit deal, Clarke said that although it was a worse case scenario, it wouldn't necessarily affect the relationship with New Zealand.

"There would be many problems if we left with no deal. We need to be responsible and plan for everything though. But a No Deal would impact exporters in our trade relationship, as there would be a lot of disruption.

There are many websites out there which concerned businesses can check out which gives information of what may happen. NZ exporters trading with the UK would do well to check them out."

Clarke pointed out there would be many benefits for New Zealand if a Brexit deal were to go through, including travelling through one of the world's busiest airports.

"The overall relationship between the UK and NZ is not going to be affected. Apart from trade, everything else remains unchanged. There is plenty of opportunity out there between the two countries.

In terms of access to the UK, Kiwis will be able to go through the E-gates in Heathrow airport, so they miss the long queues and go straight through, which will make travelling a lot easier."


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