Funding cuts hamper efforts to combat antibiotic resistant superbugs

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Friday, 5 July 2019, 11:10AM
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A five year plan to stop the spread of antibiotic resistant superbugs struggled to get off the ground because of funding cuts.

Officials told the Health Minister in October a number of goals for the antimicrobial resistance action plan were being deferred, because they hadn't seen enough of the $10 million required per year.

Otago University Professor of Biochemistry, Kurt Krause told Mike Hosking superbugs are a growing problem.

He says there were about 65 infections from the most severe types of superbug last year, up from just a trickle of reports several years earlier.

Massey University infectious disease professor David Hayman says superbugs are a looming threat, and shouldn't be taken lightly just because we're not suffering right now.

He says it's an issue we need to be proactive on, or we'll be suffering from major issues being seen around the world.

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