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KidsCan charity hopes to expand programme nationwide

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Monday, 11 March 2019, 10:32a.m.
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KidsCan is hoping to take a programme for vulnerable preschool children nationwide.

KidsCan already works with low decile schools and says it's increasingly getting requests for help from early childhood centres.

Julie Chapman is the chief executive and founder of KidsCan. She told Mike Hosking they provide fresh food, raincoats, shoes and treatments for head-lice.

"A lot of the children are not staying home now because there's no food in the cupboards or because they don't have a raincoat."

She says they're planning on doubling the number of kids they're helping.

"A trial is running in 25 North Island centres, and the kids seem happier and settled."

Chapman says they've been getting approaches up to three times a week from preschools.

"Some of the schools were telling us they had children coming to the centres with no food and kids fainting from hunger. We have had quite a few centres tell us this has been happening."

Since October, KidsCan been providing food, clothing and head lice treatment to 950 children in 25 centres in Northland, Auckland and Hawke's Bay. 

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