Vodafone will consider basing all customer service teams in NZ

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Wednesday, 11 September 2019, 2:45PM
Vodafone yesterday announced it's new New Zealand-based 'X Squad'. (Photo / NZ Herald)

Vodafone says offshore call centres do a good job - most of the time.

The telco is spending $10 million setting up a New Zealand-based team for complex customer issues.

The so-called 'X Squad' will deal with issues that need specialised technical knowledge.

Chief executive Jason Paris told Mike Hosking the decision isn't a slight against their offshore contractors.

"Call centre roles are seen as prestigious roles in many markets. They do a great job, but when it comes to a complex technical issue, we think its best placed to be served by a New Zealand-based team."

He says other issues will continue be dealt offshore for now, but that could change.

"Our customers would like all of our call centres to be in New Zealand, and that's something that should be looking at longer term, but that's a pretty expensive decision."



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