Muffin Break boss under fire for saying people should work for free

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Monday, 25 February 2019, 10:24AM
Muffin Break boss Natalie Brennan has been criticised around the world for her comments. (Photo / Supplied)

Muffin Break's general manager has come under fire for saying Millennials are too entitled to work for free.

Natalie Brennan said in an interview that young people are no longer willing to do unpaid work to advance their careers, because they have an inflated sense of self-importance.

Frog Recruitment's Jane Kennelly feels the comments were quite harsh.

She says that while internships used to be quite common, the workplace has shifted in recent years. 

She told Mike Hosking she says people shouldn't be working at commercial businesses for free.

"Much of our retail world is actually based around bright young people with big smiles treating us well, and those people should be paid to do that job."

She says that ere are jobs, like in the fashion industry or journalism, where working for free is okay because it's so highly sought after.

"By and large, I think it's inappropriate to ask people to work for free in the hope that they might get a job."

Kennelly says that parents could encourage their children to volunteer at a charity shop such as the SPCA to garner work experience that way. 




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