PM rules out NZ Values Bill

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Tuesday, 2 October 2018, 7:56AM
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is ruling out New Zealand First's suggestion to introduce an immigration values test.

New Zealand First delegates have voted to support a bill which would see immigrants agree to New Zealand values before being allowed into the country.

The bill includes a promise to respect gender equality, all legal sexual preferences and the legality of alcohol.

Jacinda Ardern told Mike Hosking it's a Members Bill and hasn't been drawn out of the biscuit tin.

"It's a members bill and every party is able to put up their own members' bills it's not government policy though."

"Members of parliament can draft their own bill, pop it in a ballot and then if it's drawn parliament will debate it."

She says everything has to be negotiated and debated but she has no plans to adopt the bill.

The Bill also suggests a review of MMP including looking at the overhang and reducing the threshold, which Ardern says she is open to.

"I shall speak to what Labour policy has been in the past on this, so obviously the review of the way that MMP was operating, and a proposal to reduce the threshold that gets rid of the life raft prevision. 

"So that's the idea that if you win a seat, you then bring in the percentage of whatever your party vote generated, without having to meet the threshold that every other party has to."

"That's something we [Labour] did support but obviously, we haven't had that full range of debate as a coalition government on that at this point." 


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