Slow drivers less likely to be fined despite dangerous driving

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Wednesday, 21 August 2019, 11:12AM
Alex Mercer disputed his speeding ticket, taking it all the way to the High Court and winning with his common sense defence, "it just isn't right". Photo / File

A former police offer says slow drivers are less likely to be stung, despite the dangerous nature of their driving.

Alex Mercer sped up to avoid colliding with a slower driver, when the driver he was passing unexpectedly sped up.

He successfully appealed his fine in court, after a High Court judge agreed Mercer exceeded the speed limit so as to avoid death or injury.

Mercer explained that if he slowed down he could have been stuck between the two cars which could also have caused an accident.

"If I were to slam the brakes my car could've spun around into the traffic from the other direction, because of that I had to accelerate to make sure I got through uninjured
or, there's no accident.

Former police officer Hamish Piercy told Mike Hosking police need to be more proactive in charging inconsiderate drivers.

“Slow drivers driving 70 – 80kmh with a tail road of drivers waiting behind them is dangerous for everyone, but officers are often reluctant to target them.”


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