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David Seymour confident euthanasia bill will make it to law

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Thursday, 27 June 2019, 9:53AM
The bill passed its second reading last night. (Photo / Getty)

A long way to go, but the MP behind the End of Life Choice Bill says there's more support for the legislation than he thought.

The Bill passed its second reading last night with 70 votes in favour and 50 against.

David Seymour told Mike Hosking he was expecting it to be 67 to 53 but a few more people voted for it than he expected.

He says the fact there was such a wide margin, means he has the numbers to get it through the subsequent stages.

"But there is still a lot of work to do. There is basically five stages to pass into law. We just passed stage three, so there is a lot of water to go under the bridge as far as law-making goes."

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Those next stages are a committee of the entire house that will debate the bill and propose changes. It will then need to pass a third reading.

Some parties that voted in favour of the law last night have conditions they hope will be adopted.

Seymour says the Greens' proposal to limit the Bill to those who have six months or less to live, is quite coherent.

He says there's mixed support across the House for New Zealand First's call for a referendum.

"However, those who want choice I think can see that having a referendum, letting the people having a say about whether this finally becomes law, is that we can get it done in the house."

He is confident a referendum would pass, as even if there's a fear, uncertainty and doubt campaign around that, people would still vote in favour of it.

"Because they have seen bad death and they've said 'Look, when my time comes, I may not use it, but I would like the choice to choose how I go and when I go myself'."

Opponents of the bill, led by National MP Maggie Barry, have said they intend to add a number of amendments to the law should it reach this stage.


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