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Bickering begins over redesign of Notre Dame Cathedral

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Tuesday, 23 April 2019, 11:51AM
Photo / AP

There are concerns in Paris over how the city's famous Notre Dame Cathedral will be rebuilt.

France will launch an international architectural competition to redesign the roofline of Notre Dame Cathedral

French president Emmanuel Macron has pledged to fully restore the fire-damaged cathedral to its former glory.

But Paris correspondent Catherine Field told Mike Yardley many Parisians don't like the idea of a competition.

"People are saying the competition will attract star architects who will not have a feel for the building or the historical significance of the 850-year-old cathedral."

Catherine Field says Parisians have plenty of suggestions for the destroyed roof of the Cathedral.

"A glass roof rather like the Louvre Pyramid, a flat roof with trees on where members of the public can walk on, these are just some of the idea's proposed."

Notre Dame was built over a period of nearly 200 years, starting in the middle of the 12th century.

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