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Mum who's son was killed by drug driver decries cannabis legalisation

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Wednesday, 19 June 2019, 9:54AM
Barbara Semb, from Auckland, with her son Chris Semb. (Photo / Supplied)

A mother whose son was killed by a drug driver is urging against the legalisation of cannabis.

The Government is drafting a bill around the regulations that would be used if we legalise cannabis.

That will then be put to a referendum to run alongside next year's general election.

Barbara Semb's son Chris was killed when a van crossed the centre line and hit his motorbike in Australia five years ago. The driver was high on a mixture of cannabis and prescription drugs at the time.

The Auckland woman told Mike Hosking she would have voted no to legalisation before her son died but feels even more strongly now.

"It was just a very great shock, and that's made me really, really against it now, as I don't want it to happen to any other mother, I don't want them to feel like this."

Semb says she does not have confidence that legislation would work effectively.

"How can they police for people like my son's case when they take it and they go off driving rather than staying in their own home or wherever they smoke it."




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