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ASB Good as Gold: Steve Farrelly

Publish Date
Fri, 11 Mar 2016, 9:52am
Steve Farrelly is Good as Gold

ASB Good as Gold: Steve Farrelly

Publish Date
Fri, 11 Mar 2016, 9:52am

This week's ASB Good as Gold winner is Steve Farrelly.

Nominator Jenny Alison writes: "Steve is a retired policeman, who is still serving the community by voluntarily supporting at least four low decile schools in East and South Auckland.

His aim? To remove any obstacles that prevent kids from succeeding. He started out small. He began his quest by trying to feed one child. That quickly snowballed into the creation of breakfastclub.org.nz. He provides everything from breakfast to stationary, sport shoes, school shirts and even togs and towels.

"He literally spends his days picking up donated food and clothing and distributing it to the schools he can."

The children and families he supports are now able to do things that would otherwise be out of reach, such as eating enough, participating in sports clubs and teams, and going to school with pride in wearing their new school shirt.

Steve has created a model of true community spirit, matching a need with a provider, and doing it all with love and grace.

He is loved by the schools, by the children and is admired by all of those who volunteer around him.

ASB and Mike - it would great to see Steve receive a boost for not only himself but for his breakfast club. He is a true community champion."

Well our friends at ASB love nothing better than honouring amazing people, doing wonderful things in our community.

They are going to give Steve $2000 to assist with the running of the breakfastclub.org.nz. That's not all! ASB Bank is treating Steve and his wife to a fabulous night out as thanks for all his hard work!

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