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ASB Good As Gold: Les Henshaw

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Friday, 5 June 2015, 12:11p.m.

Today we met our seventh winner in our ASB Good As Gold competition - Les Henshaw

Les was nominated by his daughter Kath:

"My incredible Dad, Les Henshaw, spends his retirement volunteering to help my friend's non-profit organisation - The Shed Project, Kapiti - founded and run by Denis Wood.

The Shed Project gives special needs people, up to 20 of them, a place to go and projects to work on. The idea is that they make/restore/design houseware to keep the special needs people busy and make them feel valued.

The challenge is that they have no money. Denis and his lovely wife Catherine have a daughter in a wheelchair who needs full-time care, so life is certainly tough. The idea is that care-givers of the special needs people pay per day for Denis and Dad to look after them, and some opf the better items made or restored are then sold. But the costs are far bigger than the incoming money, and the project is on its way out.

I was most moved by this when my Dad turned 70, and some of the guys came along to the party. They look at Dad and Denis with utmost admiration and the opportunity The Project provides them with - to be cared for, to learn to socialise and to feel valued, is second to none."

PRIZE: ASB will donate $2000 to the charity and then shout Les and Denis a special dinner out to reward their efforts.

Do you know someone who's done something special? Nominate them for ASB Good As GoldĀ here

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