Exploited migrant workers live in fear due to current court processes

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Monday, 8 July 2019, 10:26AM
The names of migrant workers can currently be found on the employment court database. (Photo / NZ Herald)

Migrant workers who've been exploited want their names to be kept secret.

At the moment, in cases of exploitation, names and details of the case can be easily found on the employment court database.

Migrant Workers Association spokesperson Anu Kaloti told Jack Tame says that can jeopardise future job prospects.

"They've not done anything wrong, they've actually been wrong, but they still fear."

She says that the current system does not benefit those who have been exploited at all.

"Once their names are highlighted, it becomes very, very difficult for them to find further employment. They are in the public domain, and there is the whole shame side of things, even though they're innocent."




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