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Parenting expert wants kids to turn off Love Island

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Wednesday, 17 July 2019, 2:55PM

A parenting expert wants parents to turn off Love Island.

The hit British reality show airs at 5pm on Three. The show sees young British singles coupling up with other contestants and trying to stay together until the end of the series.

The show has come under fire for its early timeslot on national TV, given the sexual premise of the show.

Anna Martin told Mike Hosking that the issue comes with these shows focus on things such as sexual attractiveness. 

She says that Love Island attracts children's attention, and there is evidence that it has harmful effects.

"There's research that suggests that children are more exposed to depression, eating disorders and body shaming, and it affects boys as well as girls."

Martin says that often parents are often too busy and can't keep an eye on what their kids are watching all the time.

"It's like watching your child grow, you don't know what is happening in front of it."

She wants more classification around these types of shows. 

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