Male contraception: 'Men have done the heavy lifting thus far'

Newstalk ZB Staff,
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Friday, 16 March 2018, 11:26a.m.

A male contraceptive pill is being seen as a massive boost to contraceptive options for both men and women, if it delivers what it promises.

Australian scientists are developing a hormone-free pill that blocks the transport of sperm but won't affect libido or fertility.

It could be available here in a few years.

Fertility Associates medical director Andrew Murray told Mike Hosking contraception is something both men and women need to take responsibility for.

"And let's face it, women have done the heavy lifting thus far because of the physiological challenges. It potentially is a game changer."

Murray says contraception for women only has to prevent one egg making contact with sperm each month, but men's contraception has to deal with thousands of sperm that are produced every few minutes.

However, he warns that the effectiveness of a male contraceptive pill is expected to depend on how it's used.

Murray says the team in Melbourne hasn't said how often the pill has to be taken or how long it lasts.

He says with female oral contraception, women have to take that pill everyday because by the next day, it's nearly all gone.

"And this comes back to reliability factor. It's all well and good to have a contraceptive method that scientifically is reliable with daily use [but] we've got to rely on the guys to take the thing as well."


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