Heather du Plessis-Allan: National's show of unity is laughable

Heather du Plessis-Allan,
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Thursday, 18 October 2018, 6:47p.m.
The cracks in their facade are showing, and Simon Bridges remains on borrowed time, HDPA writes. (Photo / NZ Herald)

I’d like to cautious you to not believe this ‘nothing to see here’ act the national party is putting on today.

It’s Day Four of the National Party crisis, and this is the best they can do to make it look like they are unperturbed.

They is trying everything to convince the rest of us that the party is unified, Simon Bridges is safe, everyone forgives him for running off his mouth in that Jami-Lee Ross tape recording.

But the truth is, the party is trying to manage its way out of a crisis, but there are big signs everything is not fine in the National Party.

Take for example what has happened with Maureen Pugh over the last 24 hours.

The party is trying to control that situation as much as it can but there are major cracks.

If you don’t know who Maureen Pugh is, she is the MP Simon Bridge called ‘f***ing useless’.

What the party did is they sent in officials as soon as it happened. They took her phone off her and had a staffer answering her phone calls. They got her to send out a tweet saying she forgave Simon Bridges. They wheeled her out to say to the cameras that she was fine, but they sent another MP to stand next to her to make sure she stayed on message, I’m guessing.

Everything looked fine, and then Pugh’s mum came out. She wrote to media today to call Simon Bridges a dumb arse and that he’ll never get her vote again.

And that’s the truth right there. Mother’s know how their daughters feel.

I’m guessing Maureen Pugh is gutted the party is forcing her to put on a brave face for unity.

Then you’ve got Chris Finlayson, senior National MP and another MP that Bridges had a go at in that tape.

They rolled him out this morning to say everything is fine. But he instead took the opportunity to sing the praises of Maureen Pugh and say what a hard worker she is.

That’s the opposite of being useless. That’s a senior MP having a go at Bridges. That’s Finlayson’s way of letting you know that Bridges doesn’t have his support.

National is deluded if it thinks Bridges will survive this. He’s gone - not now, but definitely, definitely before the next election.

No one’s going roll him just yet. No one wants to be the person who kicks him while he’s down.

It’s far better to let him bleed out, see how the party starts losing with him.  And when the party’s doing really badly, someone’s going to come in and steal it.

Behind the scenes, all the pretenders to the throne are making their plans for how they are going to take over, I guarantee it.

Simon Bridges, I say it again, is on borrowed time. This show of unity is laughable. No one believes it.

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