Crown prosecutor describes sex slave charges as 'without precendent'

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Tuesday, 17 April 2018, 7:01p.m.

The offending of a woman who sold her daughter for sex a thousand times has been described by a Crown prosecutor as without precedent.

Kasmeer Lata is one of just three people in New Zealand's legal history to be convicted of dealing in slaves.

She's been jailed for six years and 11 months, after using her daughter as a prostitute to help feed her family - selling her body for the first time on her 15th birthday.

NZ Herald court reporter Sam Hurley says this carried on for 18 months before she fled to Police.


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"There were ads placed in the Herald, there were ads placed online, and there was even a photo shoot organised for the daughter by her mother to effectively keep selling her as a prostitute." 

Meere minutes after Lata was sentenced, her partner Avneensh Sehgal pleaded guilty to dealing in underage people for sexual exploitation and receiving earnings from underage sexual exploitation.

He was due to go to trial next week and will now be sentenced next month.

 Sam Hurley says it was shocking to hear what the victim went through, and its impact.

"She talked about how she hasn't been at school, how she feels neglected by her mother, and wonders what she has done to deserve a mother like this."

He says the victim's brothers no longer speak to her, she has few friends, doesn't trust men, and is dealing with mental health issues.


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