Anglican Church welcomes state abuse inquiry expansion

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Monday, 12 November 2018, 5:29p.m.
The Anglican Church says the inquiry can help close a dark chapter in the church's history. (Photo / File)

The Anglican Church is welcoming the Government's expansion of its inquiry into state care abuse to include churches.

Archbishop of the Anglican Church Philip Richardson says they asked the Government to be included in the inquiry, and are pleased it listened.

He says one of the key passages in the New Testament is "the truth will set you free" - and he says they need that.

Richardson told Larry Williams a robust inquiry will be good for abuse survivors, for the Church, and for society as a whole.

"The only of dealing with dark chapters is to bring some light on that. We need to participate in that."

The inquiry has a budget of $78.85 million over four years, including more than $15 million to help participants by providing counselling and related support.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said she knows some of the survivors and is proud to have played "even the smallest part" in the inquiry.

The duration of the Royal Commission has also been extended to four years to reflect the wider scope, Ardern said.

"Today paves the way for us to confront a dark chapter of our national history by acknowledging what happened to people in state care, and in the care of faith-based institutions, and to learn the lessons for the future," Ardern said.

She said of the 400 submissions received on the draft Terms of Reference, including faith-based institutions in the inquiry was one of the most strongly argued issues.

Cabinet confirmed the four other members of the Inquiry to serve with the chair Sir Anand Satyanand: Ali'imuamua Sandra Alofivae, MNZM; Dr Andrew Erueti; Paul Gibson; and Judge Coral Shaw.

The inquiry, announced by the Prime Minister and Martin in February, covers circumstances where the state directly ran institutions.

These include child welfare institutions, borstals or psychiatric hospitals, and where the Government contracted services out to other institutions.

The scope of the inquiry was wide, Ardern said. It covered a period of 50 years – from 1950 to the end of 1999.

Former Governor-General Sir Anand Satyanand is chairing the inquiry.





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