Why you need to avoid the '10 year challenge'

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Wednesday, 16 January 2019, 6:01p.m.
Kiwi choreographer Parris Goebel is one of the celebrities to take part in the challenge. (Photo / Twitter)

It may seem like a bit of fun, but social media users taking part in the 10 year challenge may be inadvertently handing over their data.

The latest viral trend has seen thousands of Facebook and Twitter users share photos of themselves from 2009 and now, with the intention of showing how far they have grown.

However, technology commentator Paul Brislen warns that people may be endangering their online security.

He told Andrew Dickens that these viral trends are pushed by technology companies and IT developers.

“The whole push and the whole reason for any of these games, it’s to give a company access to your information and your data so they can better understand your networks and who you talk to and what you follow so they can pitch advertising to you.”

Brislen says that they are learning how better to train their software algorithms to identify people from photos.

“Anyone in the IT industry who is looking for a way to test software they are building or needs a really big database of images, they would just be all over themselves to do this kind of thing.”

He says too many people take part in these trends, which “9 times out of 10” are a scam, without thinking about the implications.

Brislen says that this is going to be an issue from a security point of view.

“We’ve already seen companies using your face as a way of accessing fairly secure information,” he warns, highlighting the iPhone’s method of unlocking your phone using your face or finger print.

He says it’s the “most individual piece of ID that we have”, so people should be more careful about giving it away.


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