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Nigel Farage arrives in country, says populist revolt is here to stay

Newstalk ZB Staff,
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Tuesday, 4 September 2018, 6:54PM
Nigel Farage will be speaking at an event in Auckland tonight. (Photo / NZ Herald)

Nigel Farage will be telling New Zealanders tonight that the rise of populist movements won’t be going anywhere fast.

The former British politician, who founded the UKIP group that pushed for the Brexit referendum, is in the country tonight as part of a tour of Australia and New Zealand.

Farage says his speech tonight will cover Brexit, Donald Trump, global politics, and - a global revolution.

He told Larry Williams that since 2016 there's been a populist revolt throughout the Western World.

“Everyone thinks it was a very short term outpouring of anger, they are in for a big shock, because my view is, you haven’t seen nothing yet. This movement is going to sweep the entire western world.”

Protestors are expected to be at the event tonight, as they were in Farage’s Australian stops.

The politician says that it is due to the university systems not focusing on critical thinking, and that alternative thoughts are bad and “akin to neo-Nazism”.

“We’re actually teaching our kids thinking that is anti-democratic, it is filling them with hate.”

Farage has left UK politics, but his push for Brexit may be undone, with many talking about launching a second referendum to confirm the public’s views.

He says that there are many corporate voices involved in this, but if they succeed, it would only confirm people’s views.

“I think they will lead to an upwelling of anger in the United Kingdom, the likes of which we simply haven’t seen in modern times.”

Farage also described Theresa May as the weakest, most duplicitous leader that the United Kingdom has ever seen.


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