Sydney school bans parents from delivering fast food at lunch time

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Tuesday, 26 March 2019, 5:10p.m.
The school has banned KFC and McDonalds from being delivered. (Photo / Getty)
The school has banned KFC and McDonalds from being delivered. (Photo / Getty)

A Sydney primary school has been forced to issue a ban on parents delivering McDonald’s and KFC meals to their children at lunchtime.

In a drastic move, Canley Vale Public School in the city’s west recently posted to Facebook imploring parents to stop encouraging unhealthy eating habits.

Principal Ben Matthews, who wrote to parents in the social media post, said they should provide their kids with a packed lunch or order from the school canteen.

“Lately a significant number of parents have been delivering fast food to the school for their child’s lunch. This includes McDonalds, KFC etc,” Mr Matthews wrote on social media.

“Please note that as of today we are no longer accepting these deliveries.

“Please send your child’s lunch with him/her in the morning or order from the school canteen.”

A parent of a Canley Vale student told The Daily Telegraph the kids at the school “love” fast food.

“McDonald’s is commercial junk and shouldn’t be at school,” she said

A New South Wales Department of Education spokesman said students were advised about making healthy choices at school.

“Canley Vale Public School promotes healthy eating and active lifestyles. As such, it has requested parents not deliver fast food to the school,” the spokesman said.


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