Race against time to get football team out

Newstalk ZB Staff,
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Tuesday, 10 July 2018, 5:39p.m.
Five people remain trapped inside the cave. (Photo / AP)
Five people remain trapped inside the cave. (Photo / AP)

A 17 day ordeal for those still trapped in caves in Thailand, could soon be over.

A final rescue effort is underway to bring the four remaining boys and their coach out.

One News correspondent Kimberlee Downs told Chris Lynch cloud has blanketed the mountains and there's been heavy rain all day, causing a lot of concern.

She says the forecast for the week is not good, and potentially monsoon rains are forming to the south of the caves.

"So it's made all of this incredibly time sensitive and incredibly high pressured in order to get everyone out before there is so much rain that the cave refloods as that of course would make extracting anyone who's in there pretty much impossible."


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