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Former MP says Kiwis want centrist green party

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Monday, 11 February 2019, 6:18p.m.
Kennedy Graham says that a lot of people would be inclined to party tick a new Sustainability New Zealand party. (Photo / File)

A former Green MP says sustainability has to be seen as its own political philosophy.

A campaign has been set up by Vernon Tava, who is looking for backing for the Sustainable New Zealand party, pitched as an alternative to the Greens that would be willing to work with National.

His argument is that the issue of the environment is too important to only be aligned with one side of the political spectrum.

The view is echoed by former MP Kennedy Graham, who told Larry Williams that sustainability is neither a left or right issue.

"It's probably most effectively recognised by the formation of a political party that makes sustainability the centre in its title and in its principles and policies."

He believes that the party would need to be able to work with Labour or National. 

Graham says that the Green Party was reduced their value by aligning themselves solely with Labour. 

He says that when he was in parliament many people told him they would vote for the Greens if they were centrist.

"I think it necessarily follows from that there would be a lot of people who are prepared to at least party tick Sustainable New Zealand even if they don't tick the individual."



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