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New Zealanders hit by global bomb threat scam

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Friday, 14 December 2018, 6:22p.m.
The people behind the scam are being labelled opportunistic. (Photo / Getty)

The people behind emailed bomb threats are being labelled opportunistic scammers.

Cyber security agency Cert NZ is dealing with a series of bomb threat emails being sent to recipients in New Zealand and overseas.

The Government agency says the emails claim an explosive device is hidden in the recipient’s office, and will be detonated unless a bitcoin ransom is paid.

Police have received three reports of cases where people are told planted explosives will go off if a bitcoin payment's not made.

While it is likely a scam, Andrew Cushen from Internet New Zealand told Larry Williams people still need to take threats seriously.

"Anyone who gets this sort of email, that's hearing a bomb threat, give the New Zealand Police a call so they can work that out."

In the US, similar bomb threats have been sent to dozens of schools, government buildings and other locations.

CNN's Polo Sandoval says authorities say none of the threats are credible.

"However,it certainly has led to some tense moment sin some of these facilities as it's forced authorities to sweep buildings, evacuate buildings."

Anyone who receives the threat should contact 111 immediately.


ON AIR: Saturday Morning with Jack Tame

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