Auckland gym to monitor patron's heart rates

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Tuesday, 5 February 2019, 8:06PM
The move has been well received by patrons at the gym. (Photo / Getty)

An Auckland gym has brought in technology to monitor its gym goers heart rates.

Patrons at the Body Torque gym are wearing heart monitors which beam up onto screens in the gym.

It shows how hard a person is working, and works as a trigger for trainers if they see someone over-doing it.

Co-owner Alex Flint told Larry Williams that New Zealand has a problem with cardiovascular disease, which puts a heightened sense of importance on making sure their patrons are exercising well. 

"If we look worldwide, physical inactivity is now the fourth leading cause of death in the world." 

He says that new World Health Organisation shows that exercising moderately 150 minutes per week halves our risk of developing health diseases.

Flint says people were initially worried, but now people are encouraged to do better.

"It's brought out community together well, and it's actually motivated people."

He says it has individualised training, and people who end up in 'yellow' or 'red' zones are assisted by the personal trainers. 

A heart rate calculation is used, and it covers all age ranges so people are on a similar playing field. 

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