Petition calls for NZ history to be compulsory at school

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Wednesday, 22 May 2019, 12:58PM
There are calls for New Zealand to better understand its history. (Photo / NZ Herald)

More than 80 years on and the calls to make teaching our nation's history compulsory continue.

A 3,000 signature petition's currently before Parliament, demanding New Zealand kids be made aware of our past.

Auckland University Emeritus Professor in History Raewyn Dalziel says people have been pushing for this, for decades.

"In 1938, James Cowan was a major historian at the time and he talked about how the history of our own country is more important to us that the history of England or any other country in the world."

She says it's a shame the conversation's still being had, because learning our history expands students' horizons.

"Then if they can transfer that understanding of their own country to a global context, their lives are so much enriched."

The petition is open until June 10.


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