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Inland Revenue Commissioner Naomi Ferguson addresses tax changes

Publish Date
Friday, 12 April 2019, 2:13p.m.

April will see some of the biggest tax changes in a generation. 

Starting next week, Inland Revenue will be updating their technological systems, but they will also be implementing new changes that will modernise the tax system.

Inland Revenue Commissioner Naomi Ferguson joined Kerre McIvor to discuss the changes and how they will impact on New Zealanders.

One of the big changes will be refunding wage and salary earners who have changed jobs throughout the tax year if they paid too much because of that change, or a new bill if they didn't pay the bill. 

"We've stood back and thought about how we can modernise the system," Ferguson says.

She is confident that the IRD will get it right, as they have run over 90,000 tests over the last year to ensure the new system will work properly. 

Ferguson also answered questions from talkback callers about all things tax. 


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