HDPA: I’m relieved it's finally Brexit day

Publish Date
Fri, 31 Jan 2020, 4:23PM

HDPA: I’m relieved it's finally Brexit day

Publish Date
Fri, 31 Jan 2020, 4:23PM

Tell you what, I’m relieved that we’ve finally got to Brexit day.

By the time this weekend is through Britain will have officially started its move out of the European union

I’m relieved because this is the right thing for Britain to do.

I know not everyone thinks that. Some people passionately think what’s about to happen is a big mistake. They blame it on racism, they blame it on lies told during the Brexit campaign, they blame it on people not fully understanding what they voted for. All of which is patronising to voters.

I’m more convinced than ever that this is the right thing for Britain.

Over the summer break, I read David Cameron’s new autobiography - don’t judge me for that. I didn’t particularly warm to the guy but it was really insightful.

He thinks Britain should stay in the European Union but then tells so many frustrating stories about how the EU tricked him and played him and forced him to do things he didn’t want to that by the end of it he convinced me of the complete opposite. 

Someone counted that there are 13 different times Cameron’s book actually makes the case for Brexit - even though he opposes Brexit.

For example, he tells of the time in 2011 when the European Union proposed a treaty that Britain didn’t want so Cameron said no and vetoed it. Problem solved, right?

Not at all.

The EU lawyers just found a way around it. They used EU institutions to pretty much do exactly what the treaty was going to do and Cameron couldn’t stop it.

That’s just one example of many when the EU flat out ignored what Britain, one of the most powerful countries in the EU, had said.

This is ultimately a question of sovereignty.

Should the voters of a country have the final say in the country’s rules?

Or should the voters of a country have no say in the rules because the rules are imposed on them by an organisation that country belongs to?

And let me remind you, this is an organisation that wastes time making rules about classifying the bendiness of bananas.

It’s also an organisation that resorts to bullying when it doesn’t get what it wants, which is Brexit, and bullying is what happened after Brexit.

Forget all the arguments about racism and lies and ignorance.

Really, the question is who should have the final say in what a country does or does not do. The answer is not the EU. It’s the voters

And this is what the voters wanted.