Users call for a day of action against plastic

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Thursday, 17 January 2019, 7:49p.m.
New World has been criticised for putting muffins and other foods in plastic containers. (Photo / Twitter)

Some Kiwis are bringing attention to excess plastic use in supermarkets.

Thom Adams told Andrew Dickens he criticised a Wellington New World supermarket for individually wrapping muffins, just weeks after culling single use plastic bags.

"We're kind of binge-plastic at the moment. We're using far too much plastic than we probably need, and there's no real way to deal with it, we're just chucking it in a hole in the ground."

New World told Adams they were saving the muffins from fruit flies.

However, Adams says a sign should have been made to clarify the plastic use.

He says big chain shops and supermarkets have a lot of power, but don't seem to want to use it in the fight against excess plastic.

"They are the ones who can ultimately make the change."

He says that there should be a day of action against plastic, though he and friends have not planned anything yet.

"Any action that we take shouldn't be used to punish the front line workers. It's not their fault. They aren't making the calls. We should be taking it higher up, to the people that make the decisions."

Adams says that they deserve praise for getting rid of the single use plastic bags, but they need to start thinking beyond that.

"I'd consider everyone to take a lot at the number of soft plastic they use every week, and compare that to how many plastic bags they chuck out. 



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