Stoush brewing in Remuera over shuttered car park

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Tuesday, 7 May 2019, 6:28p.m.
An earlier sign banning the heavier cars at the car park. (Photo / Supplied)

The Remuera Business Association is embroiled in a stoush with Auckland Transport over car parks.

AT has shut the upper level of a two-storey carpark at the Remuera Shops, because an engineering report found the ramp to be at risk of collapsing.

It tried to limit use and ban SUVs and vans, but says people didn't obey the rules, and so the whole upper level had to be shut.

Terry King from the Remuera Business Association told Mike Yardley that their primary concern is safety, but the way the process has developed has them bothered.

"They wished to conduct tests on the top level of the car park to see if it could take vehicles of 2000kgs or more. The tests they did prior to Christmas showed it passed at a weight level of 2500kgs."

The car park was reopened then, but with limits on the weightier cars. 

King says that it is difficult for people to know how heavy their cars, and that most of the cars in question used by Remuera locals are not that heavy.

There were security guards in place, but AT told Newstalk ZB that heavy vehicles were ignoring them.

King says that is an "over-dramatisation" of the incident. He believes that the car park needs to remain open in order to help sustain the "viability" of the local community. 

"That process can very easily continue, and if AT won't cover the costs, then the RBA will pay for that to continue." 

Foodstuffs, which owns the neighbouring car park, has offered to take over control of the car park, according to King, but he says AT is not on board with that. 

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