Australian fast food chains criticised over amount of salt

Newstalk ZB ,
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Tuesday, 5 March 2019, 4:38p.m.
Australian fast food chains have twice the salt of UK chains. (Photo / Getty)

New research has found Australian kids are often consuming an entire day's salt intake in just one meal.

Heart Foundation analysis of kids' meals at four major fast-food chains has found some contain more than the entire daily recommended amount of salt, while chicken nuggets can have two times the amount of salt as similar meals in the UK.

The Heart Foundation's Sharon Armstrong is among those calling for a re-think on quick kids meals from fast food joints.

"They are sometimes food and it's not something we'd recommend people to have every day or even every week. And we should be asking why these kids meals in Australia have more salt than similar meals in the UK."

Armstrong says McDonalds deserve some credit for providing apple slices and yoghurt as an alternative to chips.